Battery terminals

Ebienne offers a wide range of battery terminals; our production covers the widest cable mounting configurations, ranging from 6mm² to 120mm². No matter how you intend to use them, whether by crimping, welding, cablelug or plate : Ebienne has the right solution to make your work simple and durable in time.

In this segment of the market, EBIENNE also matches a wide range of customizable hot forged and die-cast brass terminals, as well as the ability to study customized solutions starting from the customer requirements.
For each type of battery terminal, EBIENNE offers its own protective cap.





Easy Click e Easy Crimp System

Battery terminal dedicated to the Aftermarket, suitable to anyone looking for a better product than the original, completely in brass fusion; thanks to the exclusive isolated cam system it is the easiest, fastest, and safest way to connect and disconnect the battery without risking to electrocute without using equipment and without having to install complicated and sometimes unattractive battery disconnecting systems.
The Easy click Battery Connection System is suitable for standard starter batteries or standard SAE or DIN vehicles batteries. Connectors can be used for cars, trucks, buses, boats, caravans, motorhomes and special applications such as solar cells, mobile generating sets, electric vehicles, construction or labs equipment.

Great speed in connecting and disconnecting the battery

No installation tools are required

Extremely ergonomic design allows it to be placed on any type of battery, both DIN and SEMI-DIN

Plastic covers eliminate any risk of lightning and protect battery poles and connectors from corrosion they can be used as the main vehicle battery switch.

can be used as main vehicle  battery switch

Easy click System connectors are the only ones made of solid brass, heavier and more massive than other sheet metal products on the market they offer greater resistance and corrosion. Even more performing and durable than the original product

They have been widely used for many years around the world by professional, hobbyist and domestic users.




Easy Click System

  • Positive and negative polarity
  • Cable section up to 95 mm2
  • Surface treatment

Easy Crimp System

  • Positive and negative polarity
  • Cable section from 16 to 95 mm2
  • Different crimping profiles
  • Surface treatment

After Market Terminals

EBIENNE manufactures aftermarket battery terminals that can easy and quickly replace any OEM component. In the construction of our spare terminals we follow the same processes and carry out the same checks as the car manufacturers require on OEM battery terminals, so doing we  guarantee the quality of the original or even superior.
Even in this sector EBIENNE supports the production of electrical terminals with specific covers to make the operator work to perfection.One of Ebienne’s goals has always been to serve the customer in every aspect. During the years, Ebienne has developed After Market battery terminals and provides battery connection solutions for every type of need, anywhere in the world and  for any battery.

Forged Battery Terminals

Ebienne has been the first company in Italy to realize and produce this kind of solution, which allows a remarkable increase in quality. Furthermore, thanks to its equipment and industrial systems, Ebienne is the only company in Europe that can offer this type of technology even for aftermarket terminals or small lots.




Fixation by crimping

  • Cable from 10 to 120 mm2
  • Surface treatment
  • Matched covers
  • Multiple or Oriented Outputs

Fixation by soldering

  • Cable from 10 to 120 mm2
  • Hot forged
  • Surface treatment
  • Matched covers

Fixation by cablelug

  • Cable from 6 to 120 mm2
  • Surface treatment
  • Different fixing solutions
  • Fuse holder

Fixing by plate

  • Cable from 6 to 120 mm2
  • Surface treatment
  • Different cable positions
  • Multiple cables

“French typology” Terminals

EBIENNE manufactures aftermarket battery terminals that can easy and quickly replace any OEM component. The particular solution of the type called “French” allows a customized adjustment of the wiring harness angle. Now it is also equipped with our patented easy click system with a protective plastic cover on it.

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